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Cleco TVP-100 Series Torque Verifiers verify fastener installation with OK/NOK audio and visual indicators. Cleco TVP-100 Series Torque Verifiers feature on screen verification of individual fastener assembly status with batch count, the VGA screen displays a graph for each rundown, and stores 1,000 rundowns. Cleco TVP-100 Series Torque Verifiers also feature sequencing capabilities, multiple languages, password protection, the “Auto Cal” permits fast and easy tool set up for any joint type, and 8 parameter sets are available for multiple applications.

Cleco balance arms are engineered to deliver longer service life using durable components, rugged design and operator-sensitive features. These arms absorb the torque produced by the screwdriver, eliminating torque reaction to the operator. Balanced by springs or air cylinders, the arm and not the operator supports the weight of the tool. By reducing the fatigue factors, the operator productivity is improved. Tool movement and placement over the fastener is virtually effortless since most moving parts of the balance arm are mounted on ball bearings. Access to the tool is easily changeable by adjusting the springs or cylinder supporting the forearm.

Arm components and materials are selected for strength and rigidity. Precision aluminum sand castings used in the articulating arm section are light but sturdy. Over 25 models of the Cleco screwdriver balance arms are available. Air cylinder models are capable of supporting tools weighing up to 10 lbs. (4.5 kg.). Spring models will support tools weighing up to 5 lbs. (2.3 kg.). Both styles have torque capacities of 10 ft. lbs. (13.5 Nm). Arms can be post mounted, wall mounted or mounted on an adjustable height post. Tool holders for all models will accommodate most major brands of air tools…straight and pistol.

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