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24MM45 Apex Metric Impact Socket

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24MM45 Apex Metric Impact Socket. Socket Type: Metric Part Number: 24MM45

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24MM45 Apex Metric Impact Socket are manufactured using a proprietary steel and heat treat process that yields greater strength and a longer bit life. The cutting-edge machining process used to manufacture Apex metric impact sockets results in tighter tolerances, superior product consistency and a better and more consistent fit to fasteners leading to better torque transfer.

24MM45 Apex Metric Impact Socket are recognized as the industry leader in screwdriver tooling throughout the aviation industry as well as automotive, heavy industry or anywhere quality tooling products are required. Apex manufactures impact sockets for the aerospace, automotive and other industries where reliability is key. Day in and day out, you will find Apex metric impact sockets hard at work in some of the worlds busiest manufacturing facilities.

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