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3028 Apex Short Socket, 3/8” Square Drive

3028 Apex Short Socket, 3/8” Square Drive. Hex Opening: 7/8” Overall Length: 1” Diameter Nose End: 1 1/4” Diameter Drive End: 1 1/4” Opening Depth: 7/16”


Product Description

3028 Apex Short Socket,3/8” Square Drives from Apex Fastener Tools offer industrial grade impact sockets that vary in length and has a widespread range of square and hex opening sizes. Apex impact sockets also come with a single or double square or hex opening. Apex impact sockets are designed to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts that require a high amount of torque.

3028 Apex Short Socket,3/8” Square Drives are made with a more resilient and flexible alloy steel that is heat treated for additional durability that is designed for elevated impact use. Apex impact sockets are manufactured to hold up to the extreme stress of air or electric power tools and can be used with extensions, universal joints, and adapters.

Technical Specifications

Socket Type


Hex Opening


Overall Length


Diameter Nose End

1 1/4''

Diameter Drive End

1 1/4''

Opening Depth