320-R-8 Apex Slotted Power Drive Bit

Part Number: 320-R-8

320-R-8 Apex Slotted Power Drive Bit. Type: Slotted Part Number: 320-R-8

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320-R-8 Apex Slotted Power Drive Bit have a single slot in the fastener head and the tool used to drive a slot is called a slot-head, flat-tip, or flat head. Apex quality begins with select raw materials, only carefully chosen, high grade tool steel is used. Each Apex bit is manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry, most are even tighter than licensing agreement requirements and all Apex bits meet the most stringent government and military Apex slotted bits are known worldwide for their quality construction and durability in demanding conditions. Made with the most durable construction these bits are known for prolonged use and tool life.


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