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47BAYPB90P4 Cleco LiveWire Right Angle Series Nutrunner

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47BAYPB90P4 Cleco LiveWire Right Angle Series Nutrunner. Torque Range (ft-lb): 29.5-66.4 Torque Range (Nm): 40-90 Free Speed (RPM) 26V: 80 Free Speed (RPM) 44V: 140 Free Speed (RPM) Vmax: 140 Output Drive Size: 1/2”SQ


Product Description

47BAYPB90P4 CLECO LiveWire Right Angle Series Nutrunner Features:

  • Accurate – Designed for safety critical applications with a CM/CMK of 2.0 at +/- 7% accuracy
  • Economical – Save money, time and space by pairing up to 16 tools to just one Mpro Controller
  • Ergonomic – Reduce operator fatigue with lighter, ergonomic tools
  • Reliable – Increase uptime with 500k cycles between maintenance periods
  • Interchangeable – Decrease downtime by swapping tools quickly on the assembly line with the LiveWire memory chip. 47BAYPB90P4 CLECO LiveWire Right Angle Series Nutrunner General Information: All tools must be used with a suitable CLECO/DGD nutrunner controller or PC software solution. Battery weights: 26 V Li-ion battery 0.50 kg, 44 V Li-ion battery 0.85 kg. The 44 V battery is 19 mm/.750” shorter than the 26 V battery.

    47BAYPB90P4 CLECO LiveWire Right Angle Series Nutrunner Optional Accessories: Batteries, battery chargers, scanner, sockets and bits are not included in the standard equipment.

    47BAYPB90P4 CLECO LiveWire Right Angle Series Nutrunner Extra Equipment: Sockets, batteries, and chargers must be ordered separately.

    LiveWire offers precision torque, angle and speed control features for safety critical fastening in an ergonomic, wireless design. With up to 1,700 rundowns per battery charge or continuous power, your safety critical applications are assured to never run out of power. LiveWire has been designed and tested to provide wireless connectivity across the harshest of machine-to-machine environments.

    Mobility is a major advantage with wireless communications. CLECO LiveWire marries the freedom and flexibility of cordless tools with real-time wireless error proofing. Utilizing a 2.4 GHz /5 GHz WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) interface in conjunction with the highest security encryption and authentication levels, plus a 512 cycle tool memory buffer, LiveWire delivers the industry standard in wireless connectivity and performance for your safety and production critical data transmissions.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 1 in
Torque Range (ft/lb) Min-Max


Free Speed (RPM) 26V


Free Speed (RPM) 44V


Free Speed (RPM) Vmax


Output Drive Size