493-A-PZDX Apex Pozidriv, 1/4” Drive, #3 Power Drive Bits

Part Number: 493-A-PZDX

Apex brand bits, #3 Pozidriv, 1/4” hex power drive shank, overall length 2 3/4”


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Technical Specifications

Point Size


Overall Length

2 3/4'' (70mm)

Body Diameter

15/16'' (7.9mm)

Turned Length

1 3/4'' (44mm)

Product Description

493-A-PZDX Apex Pozidriv ®, 1/4” Drive, #3 Power Drive Bits. Apex Pozidriv ® Screwdriver Bits are designed with a shallow cross indention in the screw head. Apex Pozidriv ® Screwdriver Bits and their recess design provides better contact than a regular Phillips Bit for more torque. Apex Pozidriv ® Screwdriver Bits are sometimes misspelled as Pozidrive Bits. Apex Pozidriv ® Screwdriver Bits advantage over Apex Phillips Screwdriver Bits is its decreased likelihood to cam out which allows for greater torque to be applied.