493-AFX Apex Frearson (Reed & Prince) Power Drive Bit

Part Number: 493-AFX

Apex brand bits, #1 Frearson (Reed & Prince), 1/4” hex power drive shank, overall length 2 3/4”


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Technical Specifications

Hex Drive


Screw Size


Overall Length

2 3/4'' (70mm)

Body Diameter

5/16'' (8mm)

Turned Length

2'' (51mm)

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Product Description

493-AFX Apex Frearson (Reed & Prince) Power Drive Bit. Apex Frearson (Reed & Prince) Screwdriver Bits from Apex Fastener Tools are designed in way where a bit in any size will fit in any size recess. Choose Apex Frearson Bits on the basis of body diameter, because the larger the body diameter is, the larger the screw will be. Apex Fastener Tools premium tool alloys and proprietary heat treatment process help avoid typical problems including shattering and premature bit wear.