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Master Power MP1463-51 Pistol Grip Drill

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Master Power MP1463-51 Pistol Grip Drill. Model Number: MP1463-51 Free speed: 1,800-RPM Hp: 1.0 Chuck Capacity: 3/8” Length: 6.8 in. / 172.7 mn Weight: 2.5 lbs. / 1.1 kg Spindle Offset: .84 in. / 20.6 mn Air Inlet: 1/4”


Product Description

Master Power Pistol Grip Drill Description: Master Power pistol grip drills are built to perform and designed to last. With carefully engineered and precision cut gears you can be sure to transmit power and high speed in a small space. A 2-speed throttle allows the operator to locate and start the drill accurately at slow speed and prevent damage to the workpiece.

Drill motors have either 360° rotatable or rear exhaust. Rear exhaust models are designed to vent exhaust harmlessly and quietly away from the work area, while 360° rotatable side vented exhaust models allow the operator to deflect the exhaust to the most advantageous direction.

Master Power Pistol Grip Drill Features:

  • Reversible.
  • Ball bearings on output spindle for excellent alignment and true running bits.
  • Parts interchangeable with Master Power screwdrivers.
  • Steel front end for industrial applications.
  • 2 step throttle for easy starts.
  • Built-in no-clog mufflers for quiet operation.
  • Hardened and ground precision parts for extended service life.

Technical Specifications: Model Number: MP1463-51 Free Speed: 1,800-RPM Hp: 1.0 Chuck Capacity:  3/8” Length: 6.8”/172.7 mn Weight: 2.5 lbs./1.1 kg Spindle Offset: .84”/20.6 mn Air Inlet: 1/4”

Technical Specifications

Model Number


Free Speed

1, 800-RPM



Chuck Capacity



6.8''/172.7 mn


2.5 lbs./1.1 kg

Spindle Offset

.84''/20.6 mn

Air Inlet