SF-5130 Apex 1/2” Surface Drive Standard Socket, 1/2” Square Drive

Part Number: SF-5130

SF-5130 Apex 1/2” Surface Drive Standard Socket, 1/2” Square Drive. Hex Opening: 1/2” Overall Length: 1 1/2” Diameter Nose End: 1 3/8” Diameter Drive End: 15/16” Opening Depth: 5/8”


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Technical Specifications

Socket Type

Surface Drive and Fast Lead Standard

Hex Opening


Overall Length

1 1/2''

Diameter Nose End

1 3/8''

Diameter Drive End

1 3/8''

Opening Depth


Product Description

Large openings on the six corners of the opening create a floating action that allows the socket to slip quickly and easily onto the nut or bolt. Ideal for compensating for imperfect alignment between the tool and fastener. Not generally recommended for impact use. These sockets are identified with a SF- prefix.

High strength fasteners in the aviation industry or high performance automotive field often require the use of an impact wrench or impact driver to deliver the amount of torque required to tighten or loosen them. Apex impact sockets are designed and manufactured for high impact use. v are made from stronger alloy steel than the average impact socket.


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