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Utica CHA-6 Single Setting (Preset) ”A” Size Torque Wrench

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Utica CHA-6 Single Setting (Preset) ”A” Size Torque Wrench. Range Nm: 1.2-6 Range .in-lb.: 10.61-53.06 Range .ft-lb.: .88-4.42 Range cm-kg: 12.24-61.2 Length in.: 5.32 Length mm: 135.0 Weight lb.: 0.17 Weight kg: 0.775


Product Description

CHA-6 Utica Single Setting (Preset) ”A” Size Torque Wrench Description: Utica click style torque wrenches are built to exacting standards to maintain maximum accuracy. Only top grade materials are used in Utica click wrenches. Working parts are heat-treated to increase durability and service life. Each wrench is tested with equipment traceable to NIST standards. Because of a high commonality of parts, the procedures for calibrating Utica click wrenches are the same from the smallest to the largest wrench in our product offering. This saves the operator time and the expense of developing specific procedures for different wrench sizes.

Utica ratchet head wrenches are mainly used in maintenance and assembly applications and provide fastening in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. A quick shift lever allows for easy single-hand shifting. Utica’s audible ”click” plus a few degrees of travel provides a simple, quick indication that the operator has achieved the predetermined torque setting.

All Utica click wrenches incorporate a patented, low friction torque control mechanism that produces highly accurate readings in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Plus, a patented, spring-loaded locking collar locks the scale on the desired torque setting. This prevents the operator from accidentally using the wrench in the unlocked position.

”A” series drive heads are not interchangeable with ”B” series heads. Utica torque heads when used with Utica torque wrenches, meet the accuracy statements for Utica wrenches. We cannot guarantee accuracy when other manufacturers heads or wrenches are interchanged with a Utica part.

Utica Single Setting (Preset) ”A” Size Torque Wrench Features:

  • Accept variety of heads to suit specific application requirements.
  • Common center principal allows simple exchange or replacement of heads without need for recalibration.
  • Choice of micrometer adjustable or single setting (preset) models.
  • Accuracy is +4% of setting right hand and +6% of setting left hand within upper 80% of scale.
  • Calibration certificate can be requested when ordering.

As a general rule, we recommend calibrating Utica torque products every six months. However, the quality objectives of the operators organization will ultimately determine the frequency of tool calibration.

Technical Specifications: Range Nm: 1.2-6 Range in.-lb.: 10.61-53.06 Range ft.-lb.: .88-4.42 Range cm-kg: 12.24-61.2 Overall Length: 5.32”/135.0mm Weight: 0.17 lb./0.775kg

Technical Specifications

Range Nm


Range in.-lb.


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0.17 lb./0.775kg